My Sketches

Week 1

Sketch Week 1I sketched this in my Moleskin sketchbook while waiting for the County Fair Parade to start in my little town of Belen. There was a line of trucks and cars in a parking lot across from me with adults talking to each other while waiting. One girl was even sitting on top of the trunk of her car. I recently have realized that I need to start a daily practice at drawing and sketching from life, so this is sort of my start. The best things to draw are always right in front of you. After sketching this, I have learned that I need to make my lines much darker and probably make the objects a little less sketchy and more easy to read. Maybe I will also start using color as I start to get better over time.

Week 2


This week we needed to sketch a building in Albuquerque. I decided to sketch the Kimo building on Central. I will admit that it did not come out the way I wanted it. I have never before gone out on a public street and sketched what was in front of me. There were a lot of people walking on the street and looking at what I was doing. Surprisingly I even have gotten a few compliments. Even people driving by where I was sitting were taking notice of me. Some gangsters actually whistled at me, which made me feel a little uncomfortable.

I wish that I did not have to hurry so much drawing this, but I also had a parking meter that was running out very quickly, and I tried my best to speed it up. That was not the best idea, but it was all I could do. Good thing my sister and I got to my car when we did, because a cop was driving down ready to put a ticket on my car! To put it simple, I am not happy with this sketch, but it was still a good experience for me to have.

Week 3

This is my storyboard sketch!

It looks a little silly, but it is because it is mostly to get the whole idea down. I sort of have in mind the usual documentary idea for the video. I have watched many many documentaries about musicians and bands, and that is sort of where I got this set up of the sequence of shots, and how the sounds will transition in the shots. As soon as I know who my subject is, I will put it all together and it’ll come out better than what you see here in this sketch. I still think it’s cute though!


Week 4

I decided to create my own super hero for this week’s sketch rather than sketch one that exists. I named her, Starflower.

Starflower sketch Sorry for the terrible photo, but the paper is too large to scan. I named her Starflower because that is the type of flower growing out of the back of her head. As you can guess, she has the power to control flowers, but also trees and other plants. Imagine a flower petal cutting your skin like a razor blade. Or thorns wrapped around your face. Oh yeah, you definitely do not want to commit any crimes with her around. She is one of those heroines that puts a little more force than she should, and sort of gets a sick kick out of afflicting pain on criminals.

Her body actually grows the flowers that cover her. The flower on the back of her head is also a part of her body. I am pretty happy with this, because I actually have not made up a character in a long long time. I am slowly but surely making progress, and I pat myself on the back for it.

Week 5

Here is a figure drawing of a weirdly posed woman. I should have chosen a better pose, but oh well. I obviously need more practice and to manage my time better.

I call it, “Pink Crazy Lady That Needs Help”.


Week 6

It is always best to sketch from life, especially if it is as random as what is right in front of you. It makes you think more into what every day objects really look like and how beautiful they can be. My mom had gotten a pumpkin for my little brother and it was on top of the kitchen table. It was there in front of me, so I decided to sketch it!

pumpkin sketch

Week 7

I have not drawn a car before, so I drew and inked a Shelby Cobra. I have not inked in a long time, so I tried it and failed! 😀 oh well. It looks like it has a face!


Week 8

For the assignment in class, I have decided to base my timeline infographic on Pokemon, because the new game just released yesterday and I love it! The sketch is a little scratchy and weird, but I guarantee it will look great when I start making it.

I want to have 6 Pokeballs surrounding the Pokemon logo. Each Pokeball will have the number from the generation it is representing, and will be colored the same colors as each game it comes from. Example, Ball 1 will mean Generation 1, which are the games Red, Blue, Leafgreen, and Firered. So the colors red, blue and green will color the Pokeball. I want circles attached to lines coming out from each ball with the video game sprites of each Pokemon created in that Gen inside the circles. There will be 6 large circles coming from each Pokeball with the faces of my favorite Pokemon in each of the Gens. The most recent generation, Gen 6, is probably going to have a lot of question marks, because the game has barely been released. So we will see on that one!


Week 9

I sketched the interior of my living room. My sister is watching  Halloween Wars on tv 🙂 I should buy a scanner one of these days. My photos do not give my sketch justice :/


Week 10

Every Friday, Amber Crawford and I have been going to the SUVA school in Albuquerque for their free Figure Drawing class. Figure drawing is very essential to any artist, I believe, because the human form needs to be understood. This one was the best one i feel like I have done. The model happened to have a Pomeranian dog that was so adorable! I happened to sit in the right spot where it fell asleep, so I drew him too! I hope to get good enough to apply what I have been learning to artwork I want to create. Slow and steady.


I feel like artists in the IFDM class going for animation need to go to these classes. Your career depends on it!

Week 11

This week I needed to sketch the pages I was going to create for my portfolio of photographs and infographic. This is what I came up with, and the final product is pretty close to what I have drawn!


Week 12

This week we had to sketch a logo for the product we are creating for our final project. The name we decided to use for the logo is imagitoyz. BUT while drawing the logo, I noticed that the word imagi alone looks very nice and different. It’s 5 letters, so I feel like the logo looks balanced and it is not too long for kids to remember! Here are the sketches I did on paper and on my iPad. I like the ones made on my iPad better because the scanned paper drawing looks HORRIBLE. I need a better scanner!!


Here is the whole name, imaginitoyz. I wanted light orange and blue for the colors because I personally think they look nice!! I drew a ribbon too because I was just brainstorming how the box itself will be decorated.

image (1)

Here is just the word imagi. I personally like it much better than a long name. I will just have to see what my team thinks!


Here I was just testing colors.

image (2)

Week 13

The sketch for this week had to be what our product is going to look like. I tried.



Week 15

This week we had to sketch a webpage idea for our product. I drew this way more quickly than I should have, but these next two weeks are finals! So do not judge me!

The top of the page will have a slideshow showing offers and news we may have. There will be squares under just highlighting certain things about what we do. Since we would be a new company, showing who we are and what we have done will be  important. Also, showing how their donations of stuffed animals and money help children in need really encourages people to like the company and feel good about what they have done.



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