IFDM Assignments

Week 1- Personal Image


I have been a self taught artist most of my life. I have gone through many personal struggles while trying to make progress. I have only recently realized that I need to practice drawing and sketching every day to be able to reach my dreams of becoming an animator. I constantly feel chained down by my mediocrity and low self esteem, and all I want is to be free from my own destructive emotions and also from the destructive emotions of the world. I want to be my own person. I want to be able to love myself for who I am and be able to reach my dreams.

I have chosen to be in IFDM because I feel like it will help me improve and become what I aspire to be. Being surrounded by talented people will also help me to learn tips and receive critiques to become a better artist.

My Process

What I always do before I start a drawing is brainstorm some ideas by creating thumbnail sketches. They can be weird and sketchy, as long as I am getting down ideas that will work best. I really wanted a side profile picture of my face being part bird because birds represent freedom, which is what I always have longed for.

I first tried the idea of a beak on my face but I thought it was too strange. I then thought of feathers replacing my hair and part of my face. The idea I ended up sticking to is the last thumbnail sketch.

Bird Thumbnails    After figuring out my image, I then take a photo of myself to draw from and look up references of birds with colorful plumage. I mainly based the feathers on my face from bird of paradise birds, and the crowned pigeon.

Here is my side profile photo

securedownload And here are the  bird photos I used for reference.

flat,550x550,075,f From http://www.redbubble.com/people/feathers429/works/5874320-victoria-crowned-pigeon

Wahnes's Parotia (Parotia wahnesi) adult male on perch over his court. From http://timlaman.com/#/photo-galleries/birds-of-paradise/BOP-100921-152—Version-2

I then drew my image first on paper.

Bird Me And then scanned it, redrew it and colored it in the program Paint Tool Sai.

BirdAnd that is how I do artistic pieces. 🙂

Week 2- Photography and Collage

I will admit that it was hard for me to pick just one image out of the many I had taken. The main areas I took photos of were in Belen and the Jarales area. I knew that a majority of students would be taking photos of Albuquerque, so I decided to be different.

This is my favorite photo that I have chosen for the people subject.

Gypsy and Noah

This is a photo of my dog, Gypsy, and my little brother, Noah. Noah was playing around with my dog, pushing her face to try and make her look at the camera. He wanted to make sure she looked good in the photo. I liked this photo because you can see that my dog is a little annoyed with my brother bothering her, and I thought it was funny. Family being the subject of a photo can sometimes be interesting and it makes you realize that your family is not as boring as you may have thought.

I have chosen this one for my Architecture subject.

Hotel Belen

This is the Hotel Belen in my hometown. It is probably the oldest building we have. Our whole town is old anyway but this is the most interesting one. It is built out of brick and has not been used as an actual hotel for many many years. It is occasionally used as a set for movies that are occasionally shot in Belen. I liked this photo because the reflection of the windows on the road are actually coming from the building across the street. This makes it look like the reflection belongs to the hotel, but is instead casting a long shadow. It kind of has a ghost town feeling to it, and sort of shows how the town of Belen really is. Old.

I took almost a hundred landscape pictures, but I chose this one because it screams Belen.


Belen is mostly known in New Mexico as center for trains. Hundreds of trains stop and leave Belen every day, and most of the people who live here tend to forget that the trains even exist. I really really like this photo a lot because there is a nice point on the horizon where the lines of the train, road, and fence meet. The tire tracks added a nice texture to the photo, and the fence posts on the left side are bent and are of no use anymore. This photo was actually taken just by chance because I was just taking pictures of a field, and this train happened to drive by and stop.

Finally, here is my collage photo.


I wanted to use the sunflower photos I have taken, and also the second best architecture image that I had. Flipping two of the same photo created a diamond shape and I liked how strange the overall photo came out. I made the sunflowers and the background different colors, just to make it interesting. I did not mean to make it look “hipster” looking :).

Week 5 (Third Assignment)- Video Biography

Here is my biography video on my grandpa, Herminio Molina.  My grandpa is a very important person to me in my life because he has been my father figure, since I have never met my original dad. He has lived through a lot in his life, and has been farming and raising cattle since he was very young. I hope you learn to love my grandpa as much as I do!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/75180873]

Week 9

I have went through a lot of trouble to make this. This info graphic shows all the regular and shiny Pokemon you encounter in the 3rd Generation Pokemon games. You look at each row from top to bottom and as soon as you reach the bottom of a row, you look at the top of the next row to the right and so on until you reach the end. I wish I could have fixed the overlapping circles, but I was not sure how to do that without starting the whole row over. So here it is!

Shiny Project


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