Inspiration Week 13

I have been holding off mentioning this  studio because it is the best one, but after watching Monster’s University, I just had to talk about them. One of the biggest inspirations for me is the greatest animation studio in the entire world, Pixar.




Aw man…Pixar…where do I begin? I have loved Pixar as far back as their first movie. I remember watching Toy Story over and over on VHS and never getting tired of it. Then came A Bug’s Life and Toy Story 2. I watched them until my family could not stand it anymore. I actually have watched every single movie and short they have created more than 20 times at least! My sister and I would even ask for toys from Toy Story and Monsters Inc. I still have my Sully stuffed animal that holds a scream can that lights up.

Every movie they have created has made me love their characters. I would laugh and cry and wish for the movie to keep on going even when it ended. I especially cried during the ending of Toy Story 3. AW MAN I cried so bad! I STILL cry just seeing Andy leave them with Bonnie! I have cried at the beginning of Up and smiled seeing Wall-E try so hard to show Eve how much he cared for her.


But that’s why Pixar  is amazing. Their stories pull you in and really make you fall in love with every moment they create. Their animation is absolutely breathtaking. Every leaf on the trees, every movement the characters make are just stunning. I have mentioned this before in a past post, but the short La Luna before Brave actually brought tears to my eyes from how beautiful the colors were.

Pixar will always inspire me. They are like gods in the animation world, and for good reason. They have made me have a deep love for animation and I hope that someday I will fulfill the dream of being an animator or character designer. I want to be a part of creating a movie or cartoon that just makes someone’s life better.


Sorry for the emotional stuff! I should talk about my second inspiration for the week, and it has to match up to Pixar somehow! So I have unsurprisingly chosen Disney.



Walt Disney movies have been a part of almost every person’s childhood, so there is no need to explain how much it has effected mine. The movies that have inspired me most has been Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Tangled, and Wreck It Ralph.



They have recently gone the CGI way of animating and I think it’s great! I especially love how beautiful the lanterns looked in Tangled and how colorful the world of Sugar Rush was in Wreck It Ralph. I can also tell that their storytelling has really gotten better. Back in the day,Disney was a LOT different. I do love 2d animation, but they have definitely gotten better. I will love Disney forever :3





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