Sketch Week 12

This week we had to sketch a logo for the product we are creating for our final project. The name we decided to use for the logo is imagitoyz. BUT while drawing the logo, I noticed that the word imagi alone looks very nice and different. It’s 5 letters, so I feel like the logo looks balanced and it is not too long for kids to remember! Here are the sketches I did on paper and on my iPad. I like the ones made on my iPad better because the scanned paper drawing looks HORRIBLE. I need a better scanner!!


Here is the whole name, imaginitoyz. I wanted light orange and blue for the colors because I personally think they look nice!! I drew a ribbon too because I was just brainstorming how the box itself will be decorated.

image (1)

Here is just the word imagi. I personally like it much better than a long name. I will just have to see what my team thinks!


Here I was just testing colors.

image (2)


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