Inspiration Week 12

I decided to post what has inspired me for this final project we are going to create in IFDM. To summarize it, it will be a box that has a touch screen sort of operation on the outside. A kid or adult can come up to it, draw on the box with a stylus, and the box will create a stuffed animal based on their drawing. There will also be a preset feature to it for kids who do not have confidence in their drawing skills or just want a regular stuffed animal with nothing special.

The main audience to me is children 4+ that do not have a lot of money to afford toys for themselves. I imagine a foster home or children’s hospital purchasing our product, and it will create toys for the kids. I based off my drawing becoming a stuffed animal idea from the creative Wendy Tsao’s Child’s Own Studio.



Wendy has children send her their favorite drawings that they want to be made into their own special stuffed animal. I think this is very original and creative, because children drawings are so special. She captures the children’s artwork well.

Her Flickr:

I am going to stick to on the children/childhood subject and talk about one inspirational movie that made my childhood enjoyable, and that was Disney’s Peter Pan.


I remember watching the VHS tape over and over, wishing I was Wendy. I wanted to fly to a whole new world and never grow up (admittedly, I secretly still do). I would wish on stars and hope it was Neverland and that Peter Pan would come and take me on grand adventures. I still own the VHS tape and probably will for the rest of my life.

Since VHS was one tape, the extras for the movie would show after the credits. In the extras, Walt Disney rings a bell you cannot hear and says that it is a tinker bell. Then the fairy animation of Tinker Bell the fairy comes and spends time with him. There is also music and concept art made before the production of the movie, and I thought the artwork was beautiful.


Animation has had a deep impact on my life, and I would not have it any other way.

Image links:


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